Rhino Balls – Saving the Rhino One Fire at a Time!

Photo of African Rhinos

South Africa’s most loved supplier of lifestyle cooking and heating products, Megamaster, is keenly interested in the protection of our rhinos and to do their part they have launched Rhino Balls Eco-Firelighters. 

Photo of Rhino Balls

These environmentally-friendly firelighters are great for camping and hiking as they boast a 17+ minute burning time, are waterproof, and leave no residue.

They’re also made from rhino dung (the signature key ingredient), wax, and sawdust, with a cotton wick, making them biodegradable, non-toxic and completely natural. Not only are Rhino Balls suitable for indoor use, but Rhino Balls a perfect partner for people not wanting to leave their mark on the environment.

Importantly, they’re easy to use. Simply stack your wood or charcoal around the balls to ensure proper air circulation, light the wick, and once your fire is merrily burning away, add more wood or charcoal. Given how uncomplicated it is, you’ll have no problem entering the #RhinoBallChallenge where you could win a much-needed luxury outdoor escape.

Photo of African Rhino

South Africa is privileged to have exquisite landscapes and magnificent wildlife. We are both blessed but also tasked with the responsibility of caring for our environment and wildlife. Unfortunately, our natural world has paid the price for our advancements. Case in point, South Africa’s iconic rhino is facing extinction.

Save the Rhino with Every Rhino Ball you Buy!

It’s no secret that our success has severely impacted countless species, but perhaps none more so than the African rhino. Megamaster has teamed up with Rockwood Conservation, who has taken an approach they call aggressive conservation to save the rhino. Set against the backdrop of the vast expanse of the Northern Cape veld, Rockwood is a rare haven for over 300 Southern White Rhinos. As a highly secure place of hope and survival, they boast state-of-the-art security and 24-hour monitoring, including a small battalion of highly-trained mounted rangers to ensure a maximum security environment for the rhino population to expand. It is from here that the rhino dung is collected and used to make Megamaster’s Rhino Balls Eco-Firelighters. In turn, a percentage of sales goes back to the conservation, so you’ll save more rhinos with every ball you buy.

Win a Once in a Lifetime Up-Close Rhino Encounter

Team up with Megamaster and do your part to protect our dwindling rhino population with just a flick of your wrist and the all-new Rhino Balls Eco-Firelighters. You could even win a four-day stay at Rockwood’s luxury lodge nestled in the visually arresting expanse of the Northern Cape.

Eco-warriors from around the country! Put your fire lighting skills to use to win the experience of a lifetime – four nights and three friends at Rockwood. Plus, an up-close, life-changing rhino encounter with over 300 rhinos and other species (COVID-permitting).

All it takes to enter are your fire lighting skills and a Rhino Ball. Film yourself lighting your fire with a single match, using just one hand. Upload your video to social media using the #rhinoballs and challenge three friends to take part. It’s that easy – if you consider lighting a fire single-handedly with one match easy, of course! But it won’t be too tricky considering you’re armed with a Rhino Ball.

Together, we can save a species from extinction, so go on. You know you’ve got the #rhinoballs for a challenge like this!

Photo of rhino balls

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