Let’s Lighten the Load!

lighten the load

Every cloud has a silver lining as the old saying goes, but when it’s dark and cold and it’s the third time you’re experiencing load shedding this week, it becomes challenging to stay optimistic and to believe that there is a (literal) light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. By all accounts, load shedding is here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future – so best we look on the bright (or is light?) side of the situation.

Here’s a roundup of five positive things we can take from load shedding: 

Reconnect when you disconnect

We all spend so much time on our devices and while there’s plenty to embrace and enjoy about the ability to access information and entertainment instantly, and to connect with others virtually, there is still a lot to be said for in-person interaction. Of course your phone and laptop still work during load shedding but how about using the blackouts as an opportunity to put the devices away? You could even challenge yourself just to enjoy the time being disconnected digitally, but using it to connect with friends and family. 

Ignite your creativity in the kitchen

Preparing dinner around the load shedding schedule can be challenging, which is why it helps to turn the problem on its head. Rather than wait for when there is power, challenge yourself and those in your household to experiment with no-cook recipes. It’s a great way to expand your culinary repertoire and add something new to your everyday menu. 

Off-the-grid weekend getaways

There’s nothing like a weekend getaway to reset and re-energise yourself for the last bit of winter. Gather your loved ones together and book a stay at one of the many Airbnb’s around the country that are fully off the grid – which means that you’re also escaping load shedding for a while.

More awareness about energy security

While load shedding is a South African problem (although other parts of the continent also experience rolling blackouts), energy security is a growing global concern. And as with all global challenges, change starts with awareness. Experience of the impact of load shedding means we know exactly how critical energy security is to individuals, communities and economies.

Helping hands everywhere

Sometimes it pays to remember that as real as the challenge of load shedding is to you, you’re not in it alone. Individuals, companies and organisations around the country are all struggling, but also working to mitigate the impact. One example of this kind of collaboration is Airbnb’s partnership with Takealot to offer Airbnb Hosts discount on selected load shedding products such as rechargeable lights, inverters and solar geysers, to ensure they can keep hosting guests, and thus keep benefitting from the tourism economy. 

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