Heritage Day – Your Guide to a Greener Braai!

It’s that braai time of year again! South Africans all over the country pull out the grills and braai tongs, maybe a good beer, and settle down for a day of family, connection and celebration of our beautiful South African Heritage! 

But of course, for those of us with a little more mindfulness for the planet and care for the footprints they leave behind, this time can pose a few concerns.  How can you keep up with your green values but enjoy this day of commemoration too?  

This green braai guide will help you keep those footprints clean so that you can celebrate with peace of mind this Heritage Day!

Light a Fire, Start a Movement

The centre of any Heritage Day celebration is definitely the braai – the fire.  The fire symbolises the hearth.  The bringing together of family and friends and the honouring to South African culture.  The fire is the most important part so you want to make sure you’re doing right….

You first essential this Heritage Day – Rhino Balls! These eco-friendly rhino dung firelighters will take your braai game to the next level! They have a 16+ minute burn time, no toxic residues and are made from all natural ingredients. This has got to be one of the most innovative green braai products out there!  

Plus, it gets even better! Everytime you purchase a pack of these eco-friendly firelighters the proceeds go to the Rockwood Conservation, a game changing organisation dedicated to the protection and regeneration of Rhino populations.  The Rhinos at Rockwood Conservation are also the suppliers of the dung used to make the incredible MEGAMASTER Rhino Dung firelighters. So it comes full circle in this neat partnership!

Keep your fire clean, your karma green and the planet happy – you can purchase your eco-firelighters here!

Squeaky Clean!

You can’t braai with a dirty braai and luckily Earthsap has the perfect solution!  

Avoid chemical residues and scrub that braai grid with Earthsap’s biodegradable Braai Grid Cleaner. 

Free of toxic chemicals with all natural ingredients and septic tank safe, this product is safe for the whole family, even the fur babies! 

And the cherry on the top?  Earthsap products won’t harm your plants or garden, so you can save water and water your plants with your dish water!

Grill it Up!

Let’s chat about what we’re actually putting on that braai!  Now that we’ve lit our “green” fire with our Rhino Balls, it’s time to consider what will be going on that braai.

We should aim to nourish our bodies without harming the planet!

Greenfish, a Cape Town based business, ensures that the food choices you make are good for you and the planet.  All the Greenfish seafood is locally and sustainably caught, bringing you the best of the best.  The company is proud to be part of the global solution to end overfishing, by encouraging sustainable seafood and practising environmentally friendly fishing practices. 

A Braai Twist!

Want to switch things up from your usual braai set up?  Then you need to try this Camping Oven!  Leave electricity and gas behind and use this compact fire powered oven to cook your potatoes, veggies and even bread!  Coals are placed in the top and bottom compartments in the oven, creating heat from all sides so your vegetables cook to perfection in no time! 

Whether you’re after the perfect braai for your meat or vegetables, nothing beats an outdoor braai, however if live in a flat or small apartment, this braai day could be a bit of a challenge.

Grills of Japan has the solution as you can braai on their range of Hibachi or Konro table top grills making it easier to be part of the Heritage Day/Braai day festivities. The Grills of Japan table top grills make it effortless to braai even if you don’t have a lot of space or a garden.

This way of entertaining is suited to everyone as there is a grill to suit all pockets and tastes.

Pack Your Kit!

For you long time “greenies” out there this is probably second nature, but in case you forget, remember to pack your reusables with you!  Avoid generating unnecessary waste with plastic/paper cups, plates and utensils, and rather pack your reusable kit instead!  

What to Pack in Your Reusable Kit:

  • Plates – if you’re afraid of breaking you ceramic plates, try stainless steel, tin or wooden plates instead!
  • Cups/glasses – again stainless steel and tin are great options!
  • Utensils 
  • Chef Knives – does anyone else always forget these and then end up cutting everything with a butter knife?!
  • Cooking/dishing up spoons
  • A damp washcloth in case of any spills
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Tupperwares for leftovers
  • Anything else you think you might need

There are lots of great ideas in the Picnic Section on Faithful to Nature!

Tasty “Green” Meals!

Needing some recipe inspiration to make your Heritage Day Braai stand out?!  Here are some of our favourite braai friendly green recipe picks! ENJOY!

BRAAI TIP: Cook vegetables on the braai or in your camping oven!

Flatbreads with a selection of Dips & Sauces are a crowd pleaser!

The BEST Dips & Sauces

Perfect Heritage Day Desserts!

Well, Green Family, are you ready to have the BEST Heritage day yet?!  You’ve got eco-firelighters, biodegradable grid cleaner, local and sustainable fresh fish and an off grid oven to take your braai game to the ultimate next level!  Plus a whole range of delicious people and planet friendly recipes that will be sure to impress your family and friends!

Wishing you a beautiful Heritage Day with your loved ones and don’t forget to share your braai photos with us on Facebook – we’d love to see your “green” setup!  #GreenBraai


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