Who are We? – Professional Tree Huggers?

No, we don’t get paid to hug trees! Upcycle is a company dedicated to changing the way we all look at waste. Our primary goal is to teach and empower individuals to generate their own income from the resources they have at hand. We take individuals from impoverished areas and teach them the skills they need to create useful and usable items from free and unutilized junk. Not only does this clean up the environment they live in, but also provides a source of income.
We are a creative team ready to help your company realize its dream of not having a negative impact on the planet. We can help you create ideas from your waste so that it does not end up in a landfill. Upcycle can make corporate gifts from your waste, we can put a training book together to teach communities to make a living from waste and we can even take your event and make it green!
Upcycle designs and creates new products from waste materials to share new and exciting ways for people to get involved in the green revolution. We have books and publications as well as step-by-step projects on our website. We share this information freely with everyone through our projects, ideas and articles that teach and inspire people all over the world. The aim is be to enable everyone an effective way to reduce their carbon footprint.

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world: this means that millions of South Africans have limited or no income. Upcycle’s experience has found it necessary to change ingrained attitudes and develop a new outlook among potential entrepreneurs by showing them how to grow an “entrepreneurial spirit”. With its extensive network, experience and successes, UPCYCLE continues to play a vital role in nurturing community-based responses to create employment opportunities and income generation through community development.

UPCYCLE – The Green Creative – creates green solutions for your waste, the reinvestment in the environment through reinventing waste and giving it a new purpose as opposed to recycling it.
UPCYCLE focuses on developing skills, transferring knowledge and training individuals to create and develop products from waste, creating sustainable job opportunities for unemployed people with the objective to develop an up-cycle set of skills implemented and supported by effective CSI projects.
UPCYCLE believes in empowering people to use their natural talents to provide them with enough income to support their families. Our up-cycling drive serves to bring this information back to our everyday lives in our step-by-step training courses. By empowering and training people to do something that can generate income & uplift their community, we are grooming skills that are invaluable to our country and our people.

Statistics today indicate a high level of unemployment in South Africa with thousands of people losing their jobs daily. The rate of inflation and poverty in South Africa is something that cannot be overlooked by individuals, corporate and government alike. Empowering people to use their natural given talent of crafting will assist them to make a sustainable income for themselves in the future. There will always be a need to educate people and to teach them new and valuable skills.

Upcycle training serves to offer a completely unique SED solution which not only empowers beneficiaries, but offers a unique value-proposition to companies as well.

Socio Economic Development Solutions

The requirement for achieving the full 5 points for Socio Economic Development is for Measured Entities to spend 1% of Net Profit After Tax on qualifying Socio Economic Development (SED) beneficiaries.  As per the BEE Codes of Good Practice, SED contributions must lead to income-generating opportunities for the beneficiaries.

Approximately R8 billion is contributed to SED projects on an annual basis. As an organisation we are aware that, very often, these contributions do not lead to sustainable solutions for beneficiaries.

This is where Upcycle works with Aspiris to be able to offer a completely unique SED solution which not only empowers beneficiaries, but offers a unique value-proposition to companies as well.

Our Solution

We can offer a 3-pronged approach to your SED contribitions:

  1. Waste disposal
  2. SED beneficiary empowerment
  3. Enhance your companies green credentials

Training – Our full training course is run in conjunction with corporate social obligation projects. Upcycle develops a product from your waste stream and sets up a training program to remove your waste out of the system, and create a valuable functional income-generating product from it.

Upcycled Savanna GlassesUpcycling your waste into corporate gifts  – Creating functional, usable items from your trash to market and illustrate your green commitment!

Creating publications of your upcycled waste products  – We develop training manuals, booklets and flyers on “How to Upcycle your waste products”. Also see Upcycle in the media for more details on who we are as a company.

Teambuilding  – We offer inspiring and motivational workshops on how to go green. Your next teambuilding could provide educational toys to disadvantaged children from waste. Train communities to make a living out of waste while implementing long term sustainability.

Read more about Winnie McHenry, the founder of UPCYCLE!

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