Calling All Matrics! Here is a Super-Maths Teacher in your Pocket to Help You Study!

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The Answer Series is helping to save the 2021 academic year by adding bite-sized Grade 12 core maths lessons to their revision resources . . . Super-Maths!

“Due to the pandemic, there has been significant disruption to the 2020 and 2021 academic years. Matrics are most vulnerable, having had their final two years of schooling impacted. We felt we could do something more to support grade 12s and their teachers,” says Anne Eadie, founder of The Answer Series.

While teaching time has been reduced over the last two years, the curriculum for grade 12 remains the same. Eadie and her colleagues at The Answer Series were witnessing the severe pressure that learners are under, and realised that their teachers were facing the same stress.

“The burden of catching up the time missed has landed squarely on their shoulders and we knew they would need all the resources they could get – even so late in the school year. In discussing how we could help, we decided the answer would be to create reliable mini lessons that could dovetail with our best-selling study guides. Learners could work their way through the curriculum, using the videos and study guides as aids. Maths seemed to us the most vital subject, so that’s where we started,” she explains.

Created by subject specialists, some of whom wrote The Answer Series study guides, each short video provides the foundations required for a section of the curriculum. Each section in the curriculum is covered, and references to The Answer Series Gr 12 Maths 2 in 1 direct learners to essential practice, applications, reinforcement and mastery. “We believe that the combined package promotes real understanding, reasoning and confidence in mathematical thinking,” says Eadie.

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She adds: “One positive that the pandemic has exposed is the value in learners working through a subject at their own pace, and then doing in-person trouble-shooting with their teachers. It is my hope that teachers and learners will find The Answer Series video-and-study-guide packages useful in adopting this approach, especially if Covid-19 disruptions continue.”

With just two months to go before matric finals, parents shouldn’t delay. The Answer Series Gr 12 Maths 2 in 1 now bolstered by the essential nuggets provided in the videos can make the difference for students who have experienced two years of disrupted learning, and may go a long way towards containing the anxiety so many learners are experiencing in the build-up to finals.

The purpose of TAS is to impart the gift of confidence. TAS study guides are comprehensive and easy to use. They are written – and frequently updated – by teachers, examiners and subject specialists.

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