Ronnie Recycler Reduces Waste!

Image of Mpact mascot in action


Mpact’s Ronnie Recycler programme has impacted the recycling decisions of households around the country through their school visits over the course of 2015. Last year’s 294 school visits in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Richards Bay and Durban have helped get the message of recycling to over 143,913 eager young learners, making successful inroads towards environmentally aware future generations.

Mpact Recycling (Pty) Ltd is South Africa’s leading collector of paper and plastics for recycling in South Africa. As such, the company commits resources towards promoting and educating communities on the merits of paper collection as well as the necessity for recycling for a healthier planet.

“Our schools paper pick-up programme is a great way to educate children on environmental issues and it helps schools to raise additional funds in an engaging and friendly inter-school competition,” says Mpact Recycling’s communication manager, Donna Noble. “By visiting the schools and educating learners on recycling, we encourage them to take what they have learned and implement it in their own homes – as well as in their future adult lives.”

The highly recognisable Ronnie Recycler, who attends the school talks with a representative from Mpact Recycling, has become an icon for the company and household recyclers around the country, while the distinctive green recycling banks are a visual representation of the efforts being made to reduce landfill waste.

The 450,000 tonnes of paper and plastic collected each year is then recycled back into material that can be used by the Mpact Group to manufacture paper and packaging products for their various customers.

“Through continued focus on the schools and communities in which we operate, we aim to increase our collectable tonnages every year,” continues Noble. “Our hope is that, with the help of the learners that take part in our programmes, we can achieve even greater numbers during 2016.”

Schools are invited to visit the Mpact Recycling website to find out about how getting a Ronnie Bank at their school can help raise funds by running paper drives; and taking part in the educational competitions run by Ronnie Recycler every year.


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