NEW School Reward Program – Orthentic!

Orthentic, a new Organic Lifestyle shop, have come up with the brilliant new rewards program offered exclusively to participating and interested schools.

For every purchase made at Orthentic, our students will receive 12% discount AND 5% in cash back, which will be used to fund an area of the school which the board decides best needs attending to – be it educational programs, sports programs, or to improve the overall quality that the specific school already prides itself on!

All participant’s orders will be delivered to the school – so NO more hassles with driving around.

Orthentic offers a wide variety in Vitamins, Minerals, medicines, kiddies products such as organic creams and baby foods, cosmetics, home products, and so much more!!

Please send us your email and become part of the mailing list where you’ll receive info on all products available, or simply apply for your loyalty card and get your school registered at:


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