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Check out these amazing kids clothing lines – each one unique and special in its own way!

MILLY & DIGS Milly & Digs is an inspirational and thoughtful clothing line designed specifically for tween girls. This clothing will not fail to delight and enchant your inbetweenie. There’s a definite edge, but the clothes are still pretty!

Milly & Digs is a brand new clothing range designed exclusively for tween girls. No longer baby girls but not yet teens. They want to express themselves but don’t quite get it right . . . yet . . .

So this all began when two Moms met when creating costumes for their daughters’ school play. Recognising the obvious gap in the market they joined forces and formed a tween girls clothing range. Since then they have not stopped.

With over thirty years of fashion experience and three tween daughters between them, it’s a match made in heaven. Milly & Digs is their love and their passion, and they can’t wait to share their beautiful range with you all.

Nothing is mass produced; everything is designed and manufactured with love here in Cape Town.


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Urban Raccoon is a funky clothing line designed exclusively for boys, by a Mum of boys! Boys who like to jump, run, tumble, and play (most boys do!), and be comfortable whilst doing so! (And look on trend too!)

Growing up I loved following details and trends . .

My parents were true entrepreneurs and I had the privilege of helping them run their business which instilled the spirit of entrepreneurship in me. After having boys of my own, we started with the idea of creating a trendy range for boys. My mom, Heather, and I decided that our little raccoons also deserved to look cool & trendy so we created Urban Raccoon – designed for the curious bandit boy that loves to explore & live in the moment! Trendy wear & room decor for your little man!

All of this was done prayerfully and continually grows by the grace of our Heavenly Father who gives us the gift of creativity.

May our story inspire you to follow your dreams . . .

Logic will take you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere . . .

Vanessa & Heather

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KEEDO Keedo is an old South African favourite – timeless. Yet always introducing new and funky styles to their already established lines.

Keedo kids clothing is unique and epitomises fun, quality and style. We believe in letting kids be kids with our comfortable fit and the use of soft natural fibres. In order to stay true to our belief to make a difference, we continue to insistently grow our organic footprint and to give back to local communities through our various Keedo Cares projects.

Through our ‘nature inspired’ designs, we hope to instill a love and appreciation for nature in kids all over the world. What sets Keedo apart from competitors is the fact that all our garments are 100% designed and manufactured in South Africa, ensuring local job creation. We hope that you will enjoy our unique garments as much as we enjoy making them! Keedo – ooohs and aaahs guaranteed!

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Little i is a brand new line designed mostly for babies and toddlers. We love the classic colours used, and the clever way in which the designs allow for either your little boy or girl to wear these pieces!

The Story of Little i

“Do you have your own children then?” is a question I am often asked, followed by their shocked reaction when I tell them “no”. But I have always had an appreciation for children’s wear, and I’ve dreamed about starting my own little kids line. I never felt it was the right time, until this year, when I finally decided to make my long-time dream a reality and just do it.

From the very beginning I knew what type of clothes I did NOT want to make, but I didn’t really see a lot of kids clothes that I would actually want to buy. These days oversized bows, sequins and cartoons are the norm. I want to change that. There is definitely a gap in the market for minimalist kids wear, and I wanted to create clothes that I would want to wear myself.

As a brand, Little i concentrates on baby and toddler clothing, and also provides décor and accessories. Little i focuses on simplicity, quality, and style. We target parents who want to dress their little one in something stylish, yet who still wish for it to be comfortable and playful at the same time. One of the biggest selling points that separates Little i from other children’s wear brands is that it is gender-neutral, so brother and sister can wear each other’s clothes.

Little i has a distinctive style, using a neutral colour palette of blacks, greys, and navys, with only a hint of white here and there. All of Little i’s clothing is simplistic, and that makes getting your little one dressed in the morning a quick and easy task because the Little i range goes with everything.
Little i has an appreciation for open space and no clutter. One of my core beliefs is that ‘less is more’. The range is frill free with a principal of clean lines and small details that make Little i stand out. My aim is to design clothes that are timeless, and therefore easy to buy, and also can be passed on from child to child without looking dated. My motto is, “Buy once and buy well.” I want Little i to be a simplistic brand in an industry that’s overloaded with “gender specific” colour, glitter, and frills.

Inge Stassen – Owner & Designer at Little i


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