Keep your Moveable Assets Safe this Holiday Season!

Taking a holiday this festive season? Keep your moveable assets safe too!

With the festive season around the corner, you may have already started your holiday preparations – which may include long walks on the beach, road trips, and family holidays out of town or even in a different country. While you likely have the logistics of your holiday finalised, there are some safety hazards associated with going on holiday that one should consider.

At the start of the holiday period we begin to unwind, and turn our focus towards enjoying that much needed break – however, in doing this it is also important that we remain vigilant – not only where our personal safety is concerned, but also ensuring the safety of our moveable assets, given how valuable these are.

It almost sounds unheard of that caravans, trailers, boats and other moveable assets are targeted by criminals – but they are, and let’s face it, no one wants their holiday ruined by an unforeseen incident such as having their caravan or trailer stolen en-route to a holiday destination, or even while on vacation. Ask yourself this – would you be able to recover your moveable asset(s) if it were to get stolen with all your valuable holiday items in it?

The consequences of having your moveable assets stolen are far reaching. Given the possibility of this, particularly heading into the December holiday period, it’s important to consider installing a stolen vehicle recovery device, in order to protect your moveable assets. Whether your holiday consists of water activities or adrenaline filled trails, go for a trusted, wireless stolen vehicle recovery device that is both wireless and small enough to be easily be installed into your caravans, quad bikes, jet skis and motor bikes – all within a few minutes.

The festive season is a period where great memories are created – most of which last a lifetime – so, this holiday season spoil yourself and your family by shopping around for an affordable recovery device that will take care of your vehicle and asset recovery needs, so that you can focus on your holiday and not on keeping an eye on your assets.

Article courtesy of Beame, a brand by MiX Telematics


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