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Squads – if you want to be anyone today, you absolutely have to have one – Taylor Swift and her squad being a case in point! So not to be outdone, the team who brought you “Oxycute ‘em” want you to join their Super Hero Squad and help make a difference with Habitat for Humanity South Africa. Starting on World Habitat Day (Monday 3 October 2016), Oxy’s Super Hero Squad will join forces with Habitat for a week. Together they’ll build and renovate homes alongside local community heroes in Orange Farm (Gauteng) and Mfuleni (Western Cape).

So what do squads have to do with this? Well, the Oxy Squad are looking for 20 Super Heroes (10 for Mfuleni and 10 for Orange Farm) to join their squad to restore dignity and effect positive change to these vibrant communities.

“In response to the challenges faced in South Africa, Habitat for Humanity SA has expanded its core focus from building individual houses to building entire, involved communities. Working in partnership, Habitat for Humanity and the community co-create holistic solutions for the community’s specific needs. Together, we develop the capacity of communities to address, improve and self-manage overall living conditions and the economic well being for all residents which includes: engaging in continuous dialogue, up-skilling and building leadership, as well as working side by side with volunteers from the community, corporate partners and the broader public to deliver safe, decent, affordable shelter and sustainable positive change,” explains Adrienne Burke, Habitat’s Marketing Manager.

Habitat’s Squad together with the community and active citizens like YOU will help to build homes in Mfuleni, or make renovations to the Isiboniso School and critical repairs to the homes of Orange Farm’s most vulnerable families including child-headed households, the elderly and the disabled.

So how do you become a member of this elite super hero squad? It’s simple really – just go to the Oxy South Africa Facebook Page, click on the Habitat for Humanity Active Citizen Link, and tell us why you feel you would be a great member of the team and what your special super power is.

Additional info on the areas where each of the Habitat events are taking place:

Orange Farm

Located 45 kilometers from the thriving Johannesburg metropolis in Gauteng, the Orange Farm community was first established in the late 1980’s. Originating as an informal settlement, the community advocated for and secured tenure of their land in 1990.

The current population is estimated to be 1 million – making it one of the largest informal settlements around Johannesburg. Because of its marginal location, coupled with the history of spatial segregation or ‘separate development’, Orange Farm has limited social and economic development opportunities. As with many South African communities living in poverty, Orange Farm experiences high unemployment and limited access to sanitation, water, and decent housing.

Focusing on the need for shelter, Habitat first partnered with the community of Orange Farm to build 500 homes between 2008 and 2013. To achieve a more sustainable and thriving community, in 2015 Habitat and Orange Farm embarked on a new journey towards holistic community development. Habitat facilitates learning opportunities to equip the community and their leadership with the knowledge, skills and partnerships they need to create the community of their dreams.

Throughout the process, the community’s voice is at the centre and forefront. Communities understand their own needs and development priorities and should be encouraged to define their future. To make this a reality, Habitat partners with communities, government and stakeholders.


Although Mfuleni is located only 30 kilometres from Cape Town, its residents face many challenges accessing the opportunity and prosperity of the urban centre. The community developed rapidly with the inflow of new inhabitants from neighbouring townships in the 1990’s, and is now home to over 20 000 households. Despite significant challenges, the vibrant community is eager to build a more inclusive and thriving living space.

Many of Mfuleni’s residents are elderly, disabled or economically vulnerable persons. As passionate active citizens, the community has advocated for and secured land tenure. Now they will finally be able to realise their dream in having decent shelter for the first time.

Since 2007, Habitat has helped build 488 homes in Mfuleni. Today Habitat has expanded its focus beyond housing to promoting collective, sustainable transformation in communities. While they facilitate holistic community development in partnership with the Mfuleni community, Habitat will also host Team Build Events with VHP Holdings overseeing the construction of 1000 homes. These Team Build Events provide the opportunity for active citizens to come together to help build a thriving community where everyone has decent shelter.

Empowering local families is at the centre of everything Habitat does. During Habitat’s team events, community members play a vital role both on the build site and behind the scenes helping with essential logistical elements.

For more info please visit Oxy South Africa Facebook page @OxyRSA

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