Beach Clean Up!

Mpact Recycling is hosting a beach clean-up on 24 September 2016 at 09:00 – 12:00, at Blue Lagoon Beach.

 September is traditionally the month in which South Africans from all walks of life are
encouraged to “spring clean,” not only their homes but the environment as well, in
celebration of the arrival of spring
 South Africa is one of many countries that participate in one of the world’s biggest
volunteer efforts encouraging ocean health. Each year, thousands of kilograms of
almost every imaginable type of waste is collected and removed along the world’s
shorelines, South Africa is recognised as a leading participant in this clean-up
 This year, Mpact Recycling in partnership with Mrs South Africa will be coordinating a
beach clean-up in KZN at Blue Lagoon Beach, which is a Blue Flag beach (Blue Flag is
a certification by the Foundation for Environmental education (FEE) that a beach
meets its stringent tourism standards)
 We are encouraging participants to volunteer three hours of their time to collect litter
and to clean-up Blue Lagoon beach

 All participants to meet at Blue Lagoon beach at 08:30 for a full briefing
 All participants will receive their kits on site – Kits to be couriered to the Mpact rep by
the 19th of September 2016
 Media will be invited, not only to cover the event but to participate in the clean-up
 Each of the six Mrs South Africa finalists will be required to invite ten people (their own
family members, friends, school kids, etc.) with them to participate in the beach
 Each participant will be provided with a t-shirt, a pair of gloves, a rubbish bag,
sunscreen and water
 Every participant is required to wear suitable clothing, sneakers with thick soles and

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