SKNLOGIC and Stem Cell Regeneration ensure GLOWING Skin!

Sknlogic masque

SKNLOGIC has created a product to make your anti-wrinkle and forever youthful dreams come true! Introducing the Multi-Regenerating Masque: an innovative overnight mask specifically designed to regenerate your skin’s stem cells and promote collagen formation, ensuring that your skin looks young and glowing.

Dermal stem cells lie just under the surface of your face and play an active role in maintaining healthy skin. These stem cells generate fibroblast cells (cells commonly found in connective tissue). Fibroblast cells are responsible for producing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – all vital components to radiant skin! Therefore it is important to keep these skin stem cells happy if you want to achieve clear and luminous skin.

But how do we keep these crucial skin cells happy? By feeding them the right vitamins and super-ingredients to help them get their job done. Among tried and tested skin-favourites like hyaluronic acid (ultimate moisturising agent), Vitamin A, C & E (which support the development of collagen and fight free radicals), and borage oil, this product’s main super-ingredient is phycojuvenine.

Phycojuvenine is a stem cell derivative extracted from the brown seaweed Laminaria digitata, also called Kombu in Japan. This acts on adult stem cells in the dermis in three steps:

1.      It restores ageing adult stem cells of the dermis with their capacity for division, thereby stimulating their action.

2.      It protects adult stem cells from ageing by preserving and prolonging their efficacy.

3.      It rejuvenates fibroblasts, stimulates collagen synthesis in mature skin and erases wrinkles. They signal the body’s cells to rejuvenate, resulting in younger looking skin.

SKNLOGIC’s Multi-Regenerating Masque is an innovative, affordable and results driven stem cell rejuvenating product that is a necessity in your beauty cupboard. With this overnight masque, you can say goodbye to deep wrinkles, dull skin and hello to a luxurious, healthy and youthful you!

sknlogic masque

SKNLOGIC skincare is a cosmeceutical skincare with real results utilising the highest grade of quality ingredients to optimise skin health. 

Sowing good seeds – By becoming part of the Sknlogic family you also become part of this unique community project and contribute to the children of Africa. We have partnered with Hands on Africa – a non-profit organisation that builds orphanages in rural Africa and have over 200 orphans in their care. All the proceeds from the sale of our Sowing good seeds bracelets go to Hands on Africa.

sowing good seeds bracelet

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