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What originated in 2008 as a print publication called the Survival Guide for Families, geared towards steering new parents towards ‘better choices’ for our children and earth, has evolved into the current Green Family Guide website.

Our vision of changing lives through good content is what has sustained our business. We have never promoted a product we do not believe in, and never will. Our business reflects our own journey. That is why we no longer print a magazine or have a rate card. We do not ‘sell advertising’ – we collaborate with businesses that support our ethos and share their growth. Our Green Spotlight and NEW Green Directory pages showcase some of these.

The site encourages sustainable living and a positive attitude to life, with informative articles on a variety of relevant topics.  Popular pages on site include Reviews,  Earth & Wildlife,  Green Star Gallery, as well as a range of health and wellbeing related articles and fabulous healthy yet delicious family friendly recipes.

Because the home is the heart of family life, the site includes a comprehensive  Green Home section featuring excellent advice on how to make better choices for a more sustainable house and garden, and a lower impact on our resources. A Green Build sub-section is underway and will soon be an extremely exciting addition to www.greenfamilyguide.com.



Flashback to the days of print ...



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